Yondr Group joins iMasons Climate Accord

When it comes to carbon accounting, the data center industry is behind. An inability to accurately measure embodied carbon results in guesstimations that can lead to materially inaccurate carbon information that will slow down progress towards Net Zero.

Recognising a need for change, in Monaco on 25 April 2022 Infrastructure Masons announced the launch of their iMasons Climate Accord. Its objective, to drive the industry to achieve carbon neutrality supported by an agreed global carbon accounting process.

More than 70 companies have pledged to adopt an open standard of carbon reporting in data center power, materials and products and a maturity model to report participant progress.

Yondr, a proud founding member of the coalition, is setting up an accurate, auditable and scalable carbon accounting programme which will track carbon emissions for the full lifecycle of our data centers. 

“As an industry we are experts at managing commercials. Carbon must be taken as seriously as cost,” says Yondr’s Global Carbon Accounting Engineer, Eddy Taylor. “Yondr’s carbon accounting programme will allow us to accurately measure our embodied carbon and identify where we should concentrate our future efforts to reduce embodied carbon. We look forward to collaborating with the coalition and coming together as an industry to tackle climate change.”

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