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Get going now. At Yondr, we have ready access to funding. Our parent company Cathexis has diverse multi-sector holdings and a strong balance sheet, which means we can access capital in volumes and at rates unavailable to other market players.

Site selection and acquisition
Our development team carries expertise gained through multiple, large pan-European site selection programmes that resulted in some of the largest hyperscale campuses in the world. Site selection activity pulls from across the whole Yondr business to ensure that from the first viewing of a site, all aspects of a live operational campuses are considered.


Don’t settle for today’s version of good. At Yondr, we have assembled a design and R&D team to drive innovation and challenge preconceived ideas. With global experience ranging from complex Tier IV enterprise facilities to large hyperscale data centers, we work alongside our trusted consultant partners to create data centers of the future.

Design execution and permitting
Collectively at Yondr, we have experienced most of EMEA’s permitting rules, regulations and peculiarities. We have design and permitting experts in house, so only we use third-party resources to load balance our activities, rather than fill any expertise gaps. As a result, we are able to engage directly with local in-country organizations to deliver design once, in local language and to local code, accelerating delivery timeline and reducing total capital cost.

Commissioning management
No matter the level of design complexity, our team has commissioned it. For auditability and transparency, we use independent commissioning agents as our last line of signoff and welcome client participation throughout. Our design team’s responsibilities extend throughout the commissioning period, beyond client handover, and through to proven operational stability post occupation.


Trust us to deliver. Building hyperscale is something we live and breathe every day. Our in-house construction management teams have delivered hundreds of megawatts of hyperscale capacity across Europe. We have a robust, proven model that integrates with the local supply chain, manages cultural interfaces and drives value and productivity at world class rates.

Room ready fit out
We don’t believe in doing half a job. The word “turnkey” is often used, but rarely delivered on. We have dedicated teams focused on data hall connectivity, final power delivery, all forms of containment and associated client specific elements of deployment. Just bring your racks, wheel them in and power them up.

Utility planning and delivery
At Yondr, we understand the constraints of public utilities. We have developed multiple creative approaches to accelerate power delivery, minimize impact on constrained shared services and bring offsite infrastructure projects into our developments in a harmonized, coordinated manner.


Think long term. We certainly do. In fact, at Yondr, sometimes it’s hard to see where our operations division starts and stops. That’s because we have sustaining operations representation in every aspect of our business. We use CAFM and CMMS technology, build strong operational teams and engage in constant business continuity planning.

Ongoing adds / moves changes
We love handing over hyperscale facilities to our clients and seeing them rapidly deploy their operations into their space. At the same time, we understand that needs evolve over time, from adding a few socket outlets to a full redeployment. We have teams highly experienced in working in live environments, who can work with you over the long term. Yondr is your partner, in your data center, for as long as you need.

The added extras…

We use the latest CAFM and CMMS technology, not because it’s trendy, but because we believe that simple implementations lower the probability of downtime, increase efficiency and ultimately optimize total cost of ownership, benefiting us and our clients.

Is every single member of operations staff on a Yondr site a direct employee? No, they aren’t, and we’re not afraid to admit it. We take a facility, staff it with a layer of expert Yondr technical and operational experts, then go out and find the best partner who can bring the most value from the multi-sector facilities maintenance world to create a harmonized team much stronger and deeper than its parts.

Business continuity planning never stops at Yondr - we regularly simulate single facility and multi-facility disaster incidents and, on a balanced scorecard, identify any gaps and immediately put in place rectification measures.

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