About Yondr

Yondr is a global developer, owner operator and service provider of hyperscale data centers. We deliver complex data center capacity needs for the world’s largest tech companies. Our mission is 'Global capacity responsible delivery'.

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That's why you'll never know what projects we've done, or who we've done them for. Partner with us, and you can be sure our discreet approach won't leave you exposed.

Yondr has delivered over 450MW of built capacity. Our standard designs are born from hours of continuous improvement and client feedback. We are a rapid starting point for your needs, whether 10MW or 100MW.
Total MW:
  • 11 30MW: Finland
  • 13 32MW: Finland
  • 14 32MW: Finland
  • 15 30MW: Finland 30MW: Netherlands
  • 16 30MW: Finland 90MW: Netherlands
  • 18 Sea water intake
    60MW: Belgium
  • 19 60MW: Belgium
  • 20 60MW: Netherlands