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Huge emphasis is placed on hiring candidates for their attitude and expert knowledge alone. Because we hand-select the brightest talent globally, diversity is organic. We don’t rely on tokenism.

Everyday inventors

Candid friends

focused explorers

Quiet heroes

Everyday inventors.

Everyday Inventors have an unrelenting desire to make things better, to challenge convention, and to apply creativity to solve problems

Candid Friends.

Candid Friends have a strong conviction that open dialogue, frank discussions and active listening lead to better solutions

Focused Explorers.

Focused Explorers have an everyday dedication to driving efficiency, conserving time and resources, and simplifying complexity

Quiet Heroes.

Quiet Heroes have a deep commitment to the fulfilment, progression and wellbeing of others, delivered with humility and generosity

Everyday inventors

Candid friends

focused explorers

Quiet heroes

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Yondr's hyperscale data center solutions help clients meet their data centre capacity and technical real estate needs faster than ever before. As an organisation, we self-fund, design, deliver and operate hyperscale data center facilities, globally.

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What we do

Hyperscale data centers

Hit deadlines

Make the impossible, possible

Challenge convention

Open, honest communication

Simplify complexity

Apply creativity to solve problems

Admit mistakes

Say I don't know

Help each other

What we don't


Avoid tough conversations


Do politics

Say we've always done it this way


Belittle bad ideas

Complicate matters

Waste time

Ignore issues