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Get to market sooner with fast and cost-effective delivery. No need to manage fit outs with custom-built rack-ready spaces.




Optimise your capacity on campuses you can grow into. Secure tomorrow’s needs today. No more surprises.




Develop expert solutions with partners, not salespeople. Lead the market. Finally, you’re on the front foot.


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Raising the industry’s game

Yondr employees and contractors get home safely every day, regardless of location, local practice or varying global standards. For us, the industry standard for welfare and safety is unacceptable.

An obsession with H&S culture means we go beyond this to guarantee the safety and welfare of our people.

Welfare doesn’t stop when our people leave the premises. With highly variable standards of worker accommodation, our supply chain agreements and management programmes enforce a high minimum standard that is regularly audited. In addition, Yondr’s commitment to fair wages and a code of ethics ensure the proper treatment of workers, throughout our supply chain ecosystem.

On the ground, daily nudging, encouragement and enforcement are the means by which we achieve a standard of excellence.

Championing physical and mental wellbeing for all, our internal and external support networks go beyond workplace norms to support both our people and their families. As a minimum, we offer a generous wellness allowance for a meditation app of their choice.

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Because you needed your data center yesterday

Partner with a delivery ecosystem of like-minded experts and work alongside teams incentivised to deliver milestones against quality, schedule and budget.

And because you’re busy, we keep the flow of communication consistent, but never overbearing. As experts, with hundreds of megawatts under our belts, we’re a light touch partner with a firm hand; you’ll be kept in the loop, without the need to chase.

What does this integrated approach mean for you? With our dedicated tech capability, we continue where others stop, handing over fully fitted spaces with network, security and containments. Hitting the deadline, every time. All you have to do is bring in your people and your racks.

Time to market is important, which is why everything we do is geared to getting you there ahead of the herd. And because your time is precious, you won’t have to waste any of it managing us.

When every milestone is critical, lose nothing in translation. Your specifications are matched with our expertise at every project phase, which means no hidden surprises on move-in day. Access a live dashboard and video feeds anytime to see progress of your capacity in real time.

Low profile protection for your high profile reputation

Regardless of local practice or tradition, the highest global standard for physical and electronic security is never compromised. Business continuity and the operational stability of your data center is a guarantee, not a promise.

Threats are constantly evolving, and our security approach is too. Rigorous testing and continuous improvement is applied throughout the lifetime of a project as we continually test for faults and act on weaknesses.

We are obsessive about compliance and have a specialist in-house department that does nothing else. It’s not glamorous and dealing with bureaucracies can be painful, but we know the cost of getting it wrong and failure is not an option.

In a Yondr data center, security isn’t an afterthought - it forms the core. A security package so discreet you’ll forget it’s there, as well as bullet-proof systems that protect your data center, your brand reputation and confidentiality.

Security teams are briefed on the technicalities of your asset and accessible 24/7. We keep things simple, apply an innovative mindset to every challenge and embrace cutting edge technology when it adds value.

Technical and tailored from the inside out

Collaboration is important to us. Cutting out the sales people, we’ll give you direct access from the start to a team of engineers, who are by your side throughout the project. As well as designers and commissioning specialists, ready to apply their expertise to your project.

Our internal capability means you can take a step back from the project, with the understanding that we will deliver a project that fulfills your requirements.

Having delivered over 400MW of built capacity, Yondr’s standard designs are born from hours of continuous improvement and client feedback. We are a rapid starting point for your needs, whether 10MW or 100MW. Discover our MetroBloc and HyperBloc designs below.

Need something special or to specifically address a new deployment? Our combination of global innovation and local execution means we can bring build-to-suit solutions to market rapidly, precisely and without fuss.

As an engineering-led company, we have engineers, lots of them. Our substantial in-house capabilities across all disciplines, mean Yondr’s leaders have the answers and don’t rely on consultants to fill knowledge gaps. Their expertise allows flexibility around the customisation of our products.

With long established R&D and innovation filtering through standard designs, clients benefit from the latest, proven best-in-class technology.

Extraordinary clients need extraordinary people

We’re selective about who we work with, so our Yondr-to-client ratio is high. That means you’ll get to talk to in-house experts directly, and not be exposed to third parties.

Working with Yondr should feel like working with your closet colleagues. Our team, like yours, is made up of the best and brightest minds, from 17 nationalities, speaking 28 languages.

Without the traditional hierarchical challenges, all our employees are free to deliver bespoke solutions and implement future-facing alternatives to better serve the client. Our specialist teams work alongside one another, both regionally and globally, to share knowledge, best practice and use their combined diverse experience to influence the overall outcome.

Our values centre on transparency, adaptability, simple communication and harmonious collaboration.

Yondr believes the best ideas come from people who feel supported, empowered and included in the conversation. Our distributed global leadership team has the power to make key decisions, so timezone is never an issue.

There is no place for tokenism, or lack of diversity at Yondr. Huge emphasis is placed on hiring candidates for their attitude and expert knowledge, rather than anything else. Dissatisfied with the fresh talent pool, we tasked our Y-Suite with attracting new blood, revamping our apprentice and internship programmes and making STEM subjects more appealing to 10-18 year olds.

Challenge constraints with a trusted partner

New technologies are applied to continually optimise your location choice. Uniquely, we use world-leading mapping technology to reveal deeper insights into data, such as patterns, relationships and situations, helping us make smarter business decisions for your project.

Our open and unrestrictive approach to transactions means we move very quickly, and jump straight to action. Your challenges require quick thinking, and our flat decision making structure makes finding a resolution simple.

New markets are opening all the time. While our competitors may be more rigid and risk averse, Yondr has an appetite for new markets, and the capacity to expand beyond traditionally established locations. Making us the perfect candidate to be your trusted global delivery partner.

Time to market is crucial, and we have a proven track record of delivering capacity at scale. Our team is a unique breed, with an intrinsic desire to solve problems. Our existing clients will tell you that the harder the challenge, the more we thrive.

Stability through flexibility

Ultimately price is a reflection of cost and with a combination of Yondr’s vertically integrated supply chain eliminating against profit on profit, partnering rather than subcontracting and right first time project planning, pricing is optimal relative to others in market.

With new capital being injected into the industry, partnering with a well established, privately owned hyperscale data center operator, ensures you a light touch partner and your strongest ally.

Times have changed, and so have your needs. You have the freedom to move, grow and scale into our campuses at a speed that fits your schedule. This isn’t a boom or bust situation; we’ll work alongside you, step-by-step, as you expand your operations into our global spaces.

All of the services you need are in-house including DC operations, DC security and smart hands on an a la carte basis, so you’ll have full control over your destiny.