Inside the Y-Suite: what it’s like to be young at Yondr

By: Louise Donkor and Conor Youell

Inside the Y-Suite: what it’s like to be young at Yondr

Attracting new talent to the data center industry isn’t easy. So when we find a gem who perfectly fits with our values, it’s vital they feel connected to the business. But how?

Enter: the Y-Suite, an ensemble of millennial and gen z employees ready to shake things up. Living proof that Yondr actively hires talented young people and knows how to make them feel part of the organisation. 

Here, a good idea can come from anywhere, and by taking the time to embed young voices into the business, the pool of brilliant ideas expands. Marketing communications manager Louise Donkor, and junior finance business partner Conor Youell, tell us what it’s like to be part of the Y-Suite.

Tip top tech
Yondr recognises how digital literacy can democratise operations, and create diverse opportunities for all. The Y-Suite has played a major role in encouraging the wider use of these collaborative tools to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. 

Many businesses struggle with cross-company collaboration for example, but with the right tools and encouragement, younger generations can more easily break down barriers and topple siloed structures.

That’s true of the Y-Suite. Let’s take a spreadsheet shared via email, raising a question. In certain situations, it’s best to do things by the book. But sometimes a quick chat over instant messenger moves a project forward. We shouldn’t ignore what works, but sometimes the informality of youth enables us to identify solutions faster.

Apart but together
The Y-Suite isn’t about trying to push an agenda from our younger point of view but to respect other generations’ ideas and connect people of every age to new perspectives. 

Sharing ideas across departments is enriching. It’s one of the reasons Yondr’s culture works so well; we refuse to get bogged down in the bureaucracy of who had a good idea – we just want to get it moving. 

Sometimes bringing a fresh set of eyes to a challenge can make the biggest difference. Recently, we advised on the company’s plans for a new office – as the youngest people in the business, we’re going to be here for the long run and these decisions will impact us for years to come. By having future employees onboard today, Yondr can make plans that will reflect the ongoing  needs of their employees. 

We’ve also been involved in developing Yondr’s corporate social responsibility agenda. What began as a moonshot idea from the CEO, quickly turned into a live project spearheaded by members of the Y-Suite. Now, we’re setting up a charitable foundation that will ensure we make a positive impact in the locations we operate in. 

The future starts with Y
The creation of the Y-Suite has created the space and opportunity for our youngest employees to be heard and make a meaningful contribution to the organisation’s future beyond our day jobs. 

By providing us with a platform, the Y-Suite gives other departments and teams a clear place to go to seek millennial and gen Z input. This empowers everyone in the business to connect across teams, generations and countries. And to proactively seek project contribution from younger people.  

Attracting, hiring and retaining younger workers is critical to the future of the data center industry. But diversity is only one part of the puzzle. Finding ways to include people of all ages in the workforce is the key to unlocking the intergenerational collaboration that makes it possible for our business to excel today and tomorrow.

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