Yondr Group pledges support to those affected by Hawaii wildfires

Yondr Group pledges support to those affected by Hawaii wildfires

Yondr will donate $25,000 to charities supporting the victims of 2023’s Hawaii wildfires.  

Following Yondr’s recent attendance at the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) conference in Honolulu, the company has pledged to give $25,000 to charities supporting victims of the Hawaii wildfires, redirecting some of the funds normally allocated to client entertainment. 

The Hawaii wildfires broke out predominately on the island of Maui in early August 2023 and spread quickly due to winds from Hurricane Dora. It killed more than 90 people making it the deadliest wildfire in the US since 1918. Over 2,000 buildings were destroyed, most of them homes. The wildfires mainly affected Lahaina on Maui’s northwest coast, destroying approximately 80% of the historic town. Almost six months after the fire, approximately 5,000 people are still displaced, living in hotels and other forms of short-term accommodation.  

Where possible, donations will be made to charities helping the residents of Lahaina, the main area of devastation. Funds will go to towards medical care, shelter and community restoration. The funds will be donated through the Yondr Foundation.   

“In lieu of running a partner event this year, we made the decision to donate funds to efforts supporting the victims of the Hawaii wildfires, an event that has left locals grappling with loss and displacement,” said Paul Dillon, Chief Development Officer.

“Support is still needed as the residents of Maui look to rebuild their communities in the wake of devastation. At Yondr, we believe in making a positive impact to the communities and world around us. It’s a core driver of why we do business. We are honoured to give back to Hawaii and are deeply grateful for such warm hospitality during our time at PTC.   

“With these donations we wish to support charities actively engaged in providing aid and relief to the victims in Maui and help them recover from this tragic event.” 

The Yondr Foundation has previously supported causes such as sanitary health in Nepal, education in West Africa and directed funds to charities supporting victims of the 2022 Pakistan floods. 

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