DCD Singapore: Yondr’s first foray in Asia

By: Chris Mann

DCD Singapore: Yondr’s first foray in Asia

Having just returned from a week in Singapore I am now taking stock of the talks, meetings and people I met over the last few days.

I would say as a collective we went into the event hoping to meet one or two valuable end user contacts, build tighter relationships with our colleagues and supply chain in the region.

What was actually achieved far exceeded our expectations, there was an openness and transparency from end users coupled with a willingness to collaborate and work together from current and prospective partners and supply chain.

The event itself felt smaller than DCD San Francisco but still had a very interesting lineup of speakers, one of them being our very own Pete Jones who spoke about how political, social and economic factors affect our industry.

Although the APAC region will definitely have its challenges and we are fully aware that local presence is a must, we have come away with an optimism that Yondr’s approach to delivering end to end solution quicker and more elegantly will translate far outside Europe.

Next up is DCD Dallas and 24×7 in Phoenix, drop us a note if you you will be there!

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